Kevin DeVries

Kevin DeVries, an 18-year embedded software veteran, develops device drivers, communication protocols, hard and soft real-time applications, and user interfaces for embedded systems.

His experience spans across the Aerospace, Medical Device, Space Mission, Avionics, and Nuclear industries. From Circuit Breakers for Experimental Aircraft to the Airborne Laser, Kevin executes on the next exciting, hands-on project. He prefers to work alongside scientists and engineers from other disciplines - it provides the opportunity to learn new technologies and advancements in science.

Kevin is a talented technical leader. He guides teams to successful project completion while performing technical work alongside his colleagues. He mentors junior and intern engineers in the world of embedded development. He maintains budgets and schedules, working alongside upper management to ensure proper execution of a project.

Although he primarily develops in C, Kevin uses Java and Assembly when the application calls for it. He self-taught fundamental VHDL for basic FPGA-based I/O routing. He is currently learning C++ and basic web design techniques, including dabbling with Python to generate dynamic web pages.

Directed Energy Nuclear Safety Avionics Medical Devices Space Systems